I won’t lie. I started with great ambitions to use magnets, steel, black paint and lasercutters. But alas, it’s finals and so I wanted to keep this simple. IOW, what’s a quick enclosure that is affordable and and easy to modify? Unsurprisingly, it’s the most popular container at ITP from the Container Store:


Panel Mount Components!

Learning about these for the first time and how dead simple they are to build beautiful control panels. It makes me wish I took this course 3 years ago when I tried to mount my first non-panel mount LED. =[

alt Lots of arcade buttons, of course.

alt <3 This somewhat expensive toggle switch with a flip top.

alt Also trying out some mini toggle switches because price.

Panel mounts were so fun, simple, and aesthetically pleasing that I imagine I’ll be doing this A LOT from now on. So I decided I’d start a jig file with measurements for my favorite components.


Prepping Materials

Pretty simple. Buy a cheap, perfect bamboo box from the Container Store!