My second gift for Burning Man, while functional, didn’t see much use on the Playa. Unfortunately, as a first-time burner I didn’t realize the policy against MOOP. In the end, I decided not to showcase this project lest it create too much litter.

Using a repurposed, ancient voltmeter (found secondhand at Urban Ore), I set out to create a bike-mountable installation that generated and printed personalized Haikus. Personalized in the sense that I wanted participants to hold two wires to complete the circuit and using their resistance of the human body, seed a random haiku generator.

I wrote this for you
My generated Haiku
Shows its love to you

Mysterious box I found at Urban Ore. HOLY SHIT! It’s some type of multimeter(?) These internals are old… and scarily sharp. Big ol’ resistors. Really old switch box that was difficult to figure out. =[ Attempt at adding a spinner with 90 degree gears for user interaction. My pops with the power tools assist. Mom didn’t like that we did it in the kitchen. Milad holding wires together. GIFGIFGIFGIFGIF