I’ve been dwelling on this idea of a loaded prize wheel. Because there’s something about hitting a jackpot on large wheel that really evokes joy. Joy is something I want to manipulate.

alt I started on a shoddy mockup for my CNC skill builder.


I started on parts of this in other skill builder assignments. But for this build, I had to rethink material choices. First, I wanted to use MDF. I haven’t worked with MDF much but know that it’s good for consistency. And for the “loaded” part to work, I figure I’ll need uniform weight and precise flatness!

alt Big, heavy MDF. Need more gym time.

alt MDF isn’t the friendlist material, so I upgraded my protective gear as well.

Bearing upgrade. The initial lazy susan wasn’t cutting it. So I upgraded to a bearing that can wall mount easily on some speed rail.


alt Testing the bearing on my old plywood design.


I made some quick cuts based on the previous design and just made sure everything comes together properly.

alt The wheel! Not as big as I wanted, but the max size for the T-molding I bought.

For the loaded aspect, I started thinking a lot about gears. Gear Generator

alt Smaller of spur gears.

Test Assembly

alt alt alt alt

Build Out

alt Larger of the spur gear

alt Speed rail is my best friend!


MDF edging is a little ugly.

alt Slotting router bit and test T-molding.

alt Detailed view.


I really want to wall mount this, so I spent a lot of time thinking about how to use speedrail to reinforce everything.*



Cat Paw

alt alt alt alt

Falling in Love with Speed Rail


Getting to the Final Assembly!

alt alt alt Priming MDF

alt Testing a high gloss paint I got for cheap at ACE Hardware.

alt Overnight drying.

alt Splurged on T-Molding that can take neopixels!

alt Making sure I didn’t fuck up the T-Molding with the dowels being too close to the edge.

alt Rebecca helping me with Typography.

alt Shreiya helping me with marking up my acrylic logo.




Things I Learned

Next Steps