Currently, I’ve got some money tucked away and a lot of free time. And so the time might FINALLY be right to buy that early-2000s Subaru Forester and install some solar power for some long-term off-the-grid climbing goodness.

Problem is I just started freelancing again and realized that I really need to keep working. I’m just starting to get my fingers back into rails land after quite a long sabbatical–hacking hardware, traveling, and friending–AND OH MY GOD, we’re on Rails 5 WTF.

Anyway, I’m on CONSTANTLY. And I think I’ve finally figured out the puzzle. This, my dreamer friends, is how you prepare for it all:

wget \
  --recursive \
  --no-clobber \
  --page-requisites \
  --html-extension \
  --convert-links \
  --restrict-file-names=windows \
  --domains \
  --no-parent \

But seriously, don’t do that. ^.^